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Location:Knight Academy
Website:Link, Skyward Sword (Zelda Wiki)
The youth who draws forth the guiding sword shall be known as the goddess's chosen hero, and it is he who possesses an unbreakable spirit. He shall be burdened with the task of abolishing the shadow of apocalypse from the land. Such is his destiny. With the spirit of the blade at his side, he shall soar over the clouds and plummet below. And united with the spirit maiden, shall bring forth a piercing light that resurrects the land.


Link is a 17 year old Hylian youth from the airborne nation of Skyloft, where he attends the Knight Academy. He's a narcoleptic daydreamer and doesn't practice as much as he should--not that it matters, because he's naturally skilled at everything.

Standing at lean 5'2", he doesn't look much like a destined hero, and his youthful, innocent features in combination with his dopey personality tend to make others treat him as a child. One shouldn't condescend to him too much, however, as he will push back, sometimes with gentle reminders, and other times with dry sarcasm or flat-out irritation. But don't take this as a sign that he'll hate you forever. Link is quite forgiving to those who don't threaten the lives of the people he loves!

His pointy ears are the only features distinguishing him from what some consider a normal human being. He and his people call themselves humans, though, so he just won't know what you're on about suggesting he's anything but. He has thick, unkempt dirty blonde hair, and a soft, oval-shaped face, with wide, blue eyes that sit beneath a thick, dark upper layer of eyelashes, an equally as thick and wide pair of eyebrows, and a button nose. His lips are a bit broad and full, though they can vanish into a thin line when pursed. Both of his ears are pierced and always sport a pair of small, circular earrings.

Link has two distinctive styles of dress. The first are his civilian clothes: a long-sleeved, beige shirt over a blue undershirt that matches the embroidering on his collar, sleeves, and lower hem. Over his beige shirt, and tied around his waist by a thick olive green band, is a large red sash with white embroidering on the front. His green trousers are tucked inside a pair of grey boots that rise just below the knee.

His second unique style of dress is his senior Knight Academy uniform, the most prominent features of which are the green tunic and long, floppy green cap. Underneath the tunic is a layer of chainmail slightly longer than the tunic, and beneath that, a long-sleeved, collared white shirt. Link has a set of cobalt-grey armguards that shield most of his forearms to the wrist. His hands are mostly covered by brown sleeveless gloves. Around his waist sits a brown belt with a large gray buckle in the front. His pants are tan, and tucked into a pair of brown boots that rise to the knee.

Link has a breathy sort of voice with a deep undertone, and speech patterns are a touch disorganized. There are times when he will speak with brief, halting sentences, thinking out what he wants to say as he's saying it. There are other times when he will blurt everything out without regard for whether they follow a clear train of thought. He's a curious boy and will ask a lot of questions, usually about things most people take for granted. Like pizza. What is that even? He can zone out during conversation and may fall asleep if nothing is holding his attention. All in all he's easy to get along with as long as you don't push his buttons too much.

Oh, and stop him before he starts talking about Zelda.

Link is a video game character created by Shigeru Miyamoto for Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. [personal profile] waddledoodles, the owner of this journal, is in no way associated with anyone involved in the creation, development and production of the Legend of Zelda series, which is a shame because she would certainly have a field day running around the Nintendo headquarters! And by the Nintendo headquarters she means the HAL Laboratory headquarters.

This incarnation of Link comes from Skyward Sword. Further information for the character and player can be found here. Information for [community profile] destinystrings can be found here. If you want to thread with him at any time, here's an open post!

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